At Burrard Pharmaceuticals we have a clear mission to bring new innovative medication to the market and improve patient outcomes. We aim to be a leader in the ever growing field of healthcare.


We believe that science and innovation will lead to breakthrough in medicine that will benefit patients and that is why Burrard Pharmaceuticals is always looking for partner in drug discovery, development and contract manufacturing. Our current business partners include scientists with new drug discoveries, companies with molecules in their pipeline ready for CRO/CDMO services and companies with drug ready for clinical or commercial contract manufacturing.


To fulfil our mission, we are always looking for and contacting companies with potential in their pipeline while at the same time encouraging companies to contact us for partnership inquiries. We can assist with drug formulation, development, contract manufacturing and technology transfer.


Our main areas of interest are biosimilars, large and small molecules and ADCs.


Currently, we are looking for partnership in:


  1. Out-licensing and producing BCG vaccine
  2. Know-how for cisplatin 50mg injection
  3. Know-how for octreotide 20mg injection
  4. Know-how for acetaminophen 50mg injection
  5. Know-how for levofloxacin 500mg tablet
  6. Know-how for voriconazole 200mg tablet
  7. Know-how for capecitabine 500mg tablet
  8. Know-how for imatinib 100mg tablet
  9. Know-how for sunitinib 50mg capsule
  10. Know-how for temozolamide 100mg capsule


We encourage companies and entrepreneurs to contact us with the purpose of exploring business development opportunities, investments and strategic coordination within our areas of interest.


Submit partnering opportunities to Burrard Pharmaceuticals at More information may be provided upon request.