Business Development


Our commitment
We strive to improve healthcare for all through our business. Burrard Pharmaceuticals participate in drug discovery, development and manufacturing. Our company’s mission is to expand access to novo innovative medications to manage health conditions.

Expanding access to medications
We work with companies to reduce cost in developing and manufacturing medicines so it may become more affordable for consumers. We have helped companies achieve their goal of bringing drug to market by reducing the cost to 5% of the original projected cost. Our company itself also offer high quality generic medicines and biosimilars. We commit to bring access to high quality medications to people around the world.

New innovative medications
At Burrard Pharmaceuticals, we work with companies’ pipeline drug and provide services including technology transfer, drug development and drug manufacturing to bring new innovative medications to consumers. Our company is experience in working with ADC, biosimilars and cytotoxics for treating immune disorders, cancers and other debilitating conditions.

Ethical Business
We aim to operate with highest level of integrity. Each of our department follows a strict code of conduct and completed modules on topics relating to ethics and integrity. Burrard Pharmaceutical proudly operates in transparency and will voluntarily disclose any necessary information to build trust with healthcare providers, healthcare organizations and regulatory departments.

Community Supporter
As a local business in beautiful Vancouver, we hope to give back to community when possible. In the past, our employees have volunteered for local summer camps and other events benefiting those in need. Additionally, Burrard Pharmaceutical is a proud supporter of Lion’s Gate Hospital.