Your partner in drug development. Cytotoxic, highly potent molecules, sterile, lyophilized, powder filled vials.

We strive to deliver only the best

Burrard Pharmaceuticals is at the forefront of advancing technology transfer and drug development. We strive to empower ideas into successful pharmaceutical projects.


Burrard Pharmaceuticals is an international leader in moving compounds from discovery to commercial manufacturing. We provide tailored pharmaceutical solutions of preclinical and commercial drug products.

Pharma Solutions

Combine team expertise, experience and pharmaceutical know-hows to create the best pharma solutions.

Project Management

We have an illustrious history of managing pharmaceutical projects using North American standards.


We have over ten years of successful track record in the drug manufacturing industry.

International Presence

Integrated global drug formulation and development.

Pharmaceutical Full Service Provider

Founded over ten years ago, Burrard Pharmaceuticals brings together industry leading professionals dedicated to offering high-quality drug products and services.

  • Producing cytotoxic and highly potent drugs
  • Manufacturing of high-quality drugs meeting international pharmaceutical standards: Health Canada, FDA (US) and EMEA (Europe)
  • Offering integrated lyophilized and sterile drug production
  • Aseptic dry powder filling for cytotoxic’s and oncology products
  • and more


Successful technology transfer in the pharmaceutical industry – every time.

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